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Twelve men, 11 of them from Pakistani descent, have been arrested, on Thursday 04/09/2009 night, in North-West England after Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism police officer sparked a premature security alert (See – Manchester 04.09.09).

One of the suspects, a teenager Muhammad Adil, a student swept up in the raids at John Moores University but released after a couple of hours. He is from Peshawar Pakistan.

Some of the suspects were identified by their relatives in Pakistan:


* Mohammad Ramzan (pic-L), 25, from Dera Ismail Khan in North West Pakistan NWFP region. He arrived to UK in 2006 and was studying at Liverpool John Moores University for an MBA.

* Abdul Wahab Khan, 26, who lived with Mohammad Ramzan while they studied at the university, his relatives have also voiced concern that he may be among those arrested. Abdul Wahab Khan came to Britain in 2006 and was studying for a master’s degree in IT.


* Abid  Nasser (Pic- L), 22, who was named as a suspect. He went to England in early 2007 to study IT at a university in Manchester. His student visa was due to expire in 09/2009. Abid Nasser, accused of leading an Al Qaeda-backed terrorist cell that was planning an attack on Easter shoppers in Manchester, cannot be deported to his native Pakistan because he risks being tortured. He is therefore expected to remain in the UK under a control order (05/2010).Abid Nasser has been rearrested, on Wednesday 07/07/2010, after the USA issued a warrant for his arrest related to the Zazi Plot in New York, in 09/2009. Three of Abid Nasser associates were arrested in Norway, on Thursday 07/08/2010 (see – Norwegian Arrests ).

* Ahmad Faraz Khan, the associate of Abid  Nasser and a cell member, fled the UK to Pakistan, a week after his arrest. 

* Hamza Shinwari, who worked as a security guard and lived with Abid Nasser in    Cheetham Hill, Manchester.



* Janas Khan (Pic-L), 25, from Peshawar, Pakistan, arrived to UK in late 2006. He is a student at Hope University in Liverpool and was working as security guard at Homebase in Clitheroe, Lancashire along with another terror suspect. Janas Khan is thought to have stayed at a flat in Liverpool owned by an suspected terror financier, Mohammed Benhammedi, His cousin was deported from UK for alleged visa violations in 01/2009. Janas Khan studied for a degree designed to prepare students for medical school at the Government Superior Science College. He was arrested along with an associate from Pakistan Umar Farooq.

* Mohammed Benhammedi (Pic-L), who is alleged to have raise funds for the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – LIFG, which is associated with Al Qaeda. He has an interest in a property firm called Ozlam Properties Ltd. Mohammed Benhammedi was arrested in 2002 in Iran for allegedly attempting to enter Afghanistan. Mohammed Benhammedi was arrested again in Britain in 2006 for alleged terrorist activity in Iraq but released five months later. His partner in Ozlam properties, Asaad Shalash, said he had not seen Benhammedi for 18 months. Asaad Shalash arranged the rental of the property in Earle Road to three students. He believed were studying accountancy, one of whom was arrested there on Wednesday.

Meanwhile sources said, on Monday 04/13/2009, a number of the suspects arrested last week could be deported rather than charged due to lack of evidence against them.

* Nine of the suspects have been released, on Tuesday 04/21/2009, without any charges and handed over to the immigration authority for deportation back to Pakistan. Few hours later the 3 last suspects were released too without any charges. The whole event aroused sharp criticism in UK, including allegations that the suspects were arrested, in the first place, for being Muslims. 


 * One of the nine, Tariq-ur-Rehman (pic), returned to Pakistan voluntarily, on Thursday 06/11/2009. In Pakistan Tariq-ur-Rehman said his decision to leave was a protest against his treatment by UK authorities, which included being strip searched. 

Tariq-ur- Rehman, is also wanted by the United States authorities for his connection with Najibullah Zazi and with three Al Qaeda suspects arrested in Norway on Thursday 07/08/2010.


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